Unity Gold Mines Group, Inc.
150 SE 2nd Ave, Suite 300
Miami, FL 33131

Salvador Ramos / President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ramos has extensive experience in the area of corporate finance, project development, permitting, site excavation, management of work crews and has a significant background in the real estate industry. He has planned and implemented large scale excavation of land development sites, organized logistics, hired subcontractors, managed work site efficacy to maximize savings of the final deliverable products within each project. Mr. Ramos also has an extensive background in real estate development, building his own luxury home business with Accent Homes, and participating in International joint ventures with Fercon Florida. Mr. Ramos was an Executive Vice President of Transeastern Homes when they originally entered the marketplace in Coral Springs. During his tenure he spearheaded their sales effort by collaborating on the designs of their North Port & Brookside Models named “The Rosecliff” and “The Lauren” respectively. He was also charged with creating sales materials, and marketing materials, sales promotions to brokers within the Coral Ridge Properties organization that led to increased market share and sales. As Regional Sales Consultant for Alta Moda Eyewear in the South Florida marketplace, he grew market share and penetrated untapped markets, for their new line of eyewear and accessories. Due to extraordinary success, and sales levels attained, he subsequently achieved extensive sales achievement awards and accolades. He is a founding shareholder of Unity Gold Mines Group and is dedicated to the successful development of the company’s expansion of its assets while working with our geological and engineering team members.

Gregory Klok / Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Klok has over 20 years of mining operations experience and was one of the Co-founders of Consolidated Mining Inc, a company formed to research and mine precious minerals and develop business opportunities globally. Since the 1990’s he has been involved in mining operations internationally including Mexico, Peru, Colombia, West Africa and North America. He has managed placer and hard rock mining operations, completed major infrastructure work and managed a work force of over 60 people during the production phase of several mining operations. Between 2003 and 2007 prior to co-founding Consolidated Mining he worked with Gekko systems to design and set up a custom placer processing plant for Inca Minerals to evaluate their Kiabamba Gold River Project and was responsible for dealing with local customs and mining authorities to import equipment obtain mining permits for Inca Minerals in Peru. He was also head of exploration for Hamilton mining SARL where he was responsible for evaluating the Tinkisso River Dredging Permit.

Bill Ross / VP of Exploration

Mr. Ross has over 30 years of African mining experience and is the founder of Hamilton Mining & Marketing LLC. He has worked in several West African countries since 1995. He has researched for diamonds, gold and other precious metals and minerals. He has consulted and evaluated the economic feasibility of multiple properties in West Africa. A major achievement of his was negotiating a 4 year joint venture with the DeBeers Corporation in South Africa to research kimberlitic diamonds whilst opening a diamond buying and polishing office in Antwerp, Belgium. Mr. Ross has a graduate degree form the Housing Development Institute of the American University in Washington DC (1972) and from Catonsville community college of Maryland (1975) with a degree in Business Management. Between 1972 and 1995 he was dedicated to the housing development and real estate business in the Mid Atlantic Region of the USA where he developed over 3,000 properties. Mr. Ross is a principal agent of ILDG-CMM which is the majority Class A Unit Member.

Jack King / Senior Geologist – QP

Mr. King has been involved in gold, copper, diamond, uranium, iron, and silver exploration throughout the United States, Canada, Guyana, Venezuela, Panama, Borneo, Indonesia, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina. He has planned and conducted grass root regional exploration through recovery and diamond core drilling for many years. Additionally he also has overseen successful production efforts of gold from alluvial deposits in Guyana and Colombia throughout his professional carrier using land based recovery systems and produced from narrow high grade gold-silver veins and faults. He has a MS in Geology and MS in Operations Management which gives him a great ability to successfully manage projects. His professional geologist registration is in the United States and is fluent in English and Spanish.

Enrique Estrada Ruiz / Senior Mining Engineer

Mr Ruiz is Senior mining and metallurgy engineer, with more than 30 years of experience in the operation of underground gold, copper and coal mines, auro-argentiferous mineral processing plants. Management and Administration of mining projects and graduate of School of Engineering of Antioquia EIA in Medellín, Colombia. He specializes in process control, production engineer, design and mining planning. He has extensive mining operations experience and has previously managed Mineros Nacionales, one of the largest mining projects in Colombia with more than one thousand (1000) employees in the ground. He will also be responsible for interacting with departmental and municipal authorities as he has developed strong ties to government officials within the ministry in Colombia.

Juan David Perez Schile / Mining Engineer

Mr Schiel is a top level professional in mining and metallurgy engineering with experience in Aluvial and lode gold mining throughout South America. He holds a post graduate degree from University of Nottingham MSc in Mining Engineering. He has extensive experience in project management, consulting and business management in all facets of the mining industry within Colombia. He is a professor of the Faculty of Mines of the National University of Colombia and has been teaching Mining and Metallurgy at the undergraduate and graduate level for many years. He has extensive relationships within the Colombian mining sector and is highly respected on a governmental level. He has operated as a consultant for top level companies like Carbones del Cerrejón, Drummon Ltd Colombia, Empresas Públicas de Medellín. Additionally he has completed advisory work for mine valuations for Carbones Colombianos del Cerrejón, Frontino Gold Mines and Minera las Brisas de Colombia. His experience and local relationships are a key contribution to the operations within the country.

Jim Bonfils / Senior Corporate Finance Consultant

Jim has over 28 years of experience in emerging market credit ranging from sales/trading and credit origination to commodity finance and hedging. His first 10 years of his career were involved in the trading of LATAM sovereign hard currency and local rates with PNC Bank in Pittsburgh and then in NY with the hedge fund CS/MG, a joint venture between Credit Suisse and the German conglomerate Metallgesellschhaft. The CS-MG role enabled him to experience first-hand the factors involved in the trading and hedging of energy commodity markets and the credit of the companies involved in the natural resource space. From there he moved to London to manage the sovereign Mexico local rates book for HSBC.

He returned to NY in the mid 90’s to build the start-up EM effort for Standard Bank from South Africa. He was instrumental in opening 5 offices throughout Latin America while adding over 100 employees throughout the region. The focus at Standard was on trading but more importantly on debt capital origination for natural resource companies throughout the region. After 12 years there, he moved to Renaissance Capital to again build a new sales and trading business with a focus on emerging European credit, Russia and the frontier markets of Sub Saharan Africa. The common theme across these geographies was that all the countries we covered shared a focus on natural resource production as a strategy to service their USD debt at the sovereign and corporate level.

His next role begins in August as he will move to the commodity trading firm, INTL FC Stone where he will focus on structured commodity finance as well as secondary credit trading of emerging market corporates and sovereigns.

He has a BA in economics from Colorado College and a Masters in International Finance from the American Graduate School of International Management at Arizona State University. He also holds the following FINRA licenses: Series 4, 7, 24 and 63.

Theodore Spoltore / Senior VP of Investor Relations

Mr. Spoltore graduated from Atlantic University in the early nineteen eighties and from there quickly established himself as a leader in the auto industry for eight years. From there he moved into the franchising trade where his first endeavor – Great Expectations – quickly grew to a number one position where it remained under his supervision and direction for over five years including a number of other significant franchise operations. From there Mr. Spoltore was introduced to medical companies with emerging technology that required a direction and funding to grow and establish themselves as leaders in their field. Mr. Spoltore pioneered the use of Medical Advisory Boards to build a cohesive infrastructure to fuel advancement through Research and Development and Corporate Development. Once his acumen was discovered and proven highly successful, Mr. Spoltore was brought on as the Senior Vice-President of Corporate Development and Investor Relations for multiple medically based operations including Cancer Centers of America, Non-Invasive Medical Technologies and Bongiovi Acoustics for which he drove significant investment income to back public solvency and commercial growth over the past twenty years. Mr. Spoltore brings his experience, wisdom, and financial insight to oversee the fiscal stability and growth of Unity Gold Inc.